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Psychodynamic Approach 


From modern-day research, there is growing evidence that most mental health challenges are developmental in nature. Our current experiences of ourselves and others are impacted by the invisible gravity of past events. As a result, our behaviour and responses to people in our adult lives are often rooted in our childhood and family dynamics. Thus, it is implausible to identify what needs to change in the present without comprehending the impact of the past.


Unlike some other forms of therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy is non-directive. Instead of acting as an expert who provides advice or opinion, my approach primarily takes into consideration the relationship that emerges between us. It's about working collaboratively and thinking together about what could be learnt from the dynamics between us and how it's relevant to your other present and past relationships. Change is possible as we learn from our experiences and not just from a rational understanding of where our problems come from.


Whilst my practice is primarily based on psychodynamic theory and recent research evidence, I strongly believe that no two persons are the same, therefore I adapt my approach to suit each individual’s needs. My work is focused on providing an empathetic, consistent and confidential space where difficult and unprocessed forces, such as feelings and thoughts, can be safely explored. This includes observing repetitive patterns, spontaneous associations and dreams, and also considering the potential impact of external factors, such as psycho-social and cultural.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help with a wide spectrum of difficulties but is probably more suited to those looking to understand themselves and others on a deeper level. The process might be gradual, but the change is profound and more permanent. You can access more information about the approach here.

" It's the relationship that heals." - I.D.Yalom

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